Diversity & Inclusion

The HMC JCR is committed to building an inclusive environment where every student feels welcome regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability.



My name is Tamsin and I’m the Woman’s Officer for 2018. My role is to support, advice and represent HMC students that identify as female and/or with the struggles women face. I help keep the woman’s sanitary boxes stocked, run a woman’s issues film club and work with the MCR Women's Officer, WomCam and OUSU to organise events and services that empower the incredible woman of HMC. Got a question? Drop me a message here.


As EDGE (Ethnic Diversity Group for Equality) Officer, I support students at HMC who identify as ethnic minorities, and ensure that our college socials are diverse and inclusive. Most importantly, I’m here to listen to your concerns or complaints regarding race and ethnicity in college – and try to resolve them. I also represent EDGE students here on a college and university level. Feel free to contact me anytime.



Being LGBTQ+ at University might seem intimidating -- when it can actually be an incredibly cool experience. That is because, first, Harris Manchester and Oxford University in general are a welcoming place to all identities. Second, the LGBTQ+ Officer provides welfare support and organises social event. They offer a point of contact for identity-related or any other kinds of issues you might experience, organise LGBTQ+ drinks and other events, and ensure that College and University policies are considerate to LGBTQ+ students. And third, there are various other organisations such as the LGBTQ+ Society and the SU LGBTQ+ Campaign working to make sure the LGBTQ+ community in Oxford keeps thriving. Whether you're a current student or just thinking about applying, feel free to get in touch at any time.


As Disabilities Officer at HMC, I serve as a point of contact within the JCR student body for anyone with questions or concerns related to their disability. Beyond that, I’ll also be organizing disability meet-ups throughout the term, working towards mapping the accessibility of various spaces around college, and gathering information to pass on to both faculty and incoming students familiarizing them with disability procedures. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any point with disability-related queries, and I look forward to getting to know those in the disabled community at Oxford even better in the coming year. If you have any questions, do drop me a message here.