Doctor’s Surgery

The college's designated GP Surgery is at 19 Beaumont Street. During freshers week, there is a welcome meeting where new students can sign up to the Surgery’s services. If you need to book an appointment, call: 01865 240501.

Medical Emergency

UK emergency services (police, fire, medical) can be called for free on 999. If you need non-urgent medical advice, or need an out-of-hours appointment, you can call NHS advisers and nurses 24/7 for free on 111. In an emergency, let the Bursary staff and/or the Junior Dean know and they will help you in any way they can.

Mental health

College Support

Your JCR Welfare Officers are always on hand. The Dean, Junior Dean and the Chaplain are also responsible your welfare. Both the College’s Senior Tutor and your subject specific Senior Tutor are always available to help with any problems academically or personally.

University Support

The University Counselling Service is a professional, free counselling service run by OUSU. They can provide individual and group counselling sessions as well as workshops to help build your confidence and skills. Call them on 01865 270300 or email, they are usually available within 3 days.

Mind Your Head is an Oxford student-led organisation aiming to raise awareness and support for those suffering from mental health issues. They run fortnightly Wednesday meetings to encourage students to look after their mental health. For more information, visit

‘Student Minds’ Eating Disorder Group are trained Oxford students who run pro-recovery, informal weekly meetings throughout term. See their website for more information:

NHS/UK Services

Our GP Surgery at 19 Beaumont Street has a counsellor working in practice, and the Surgery can also refer students to local psychological therapy programmes.

Nightline run a free anonymous telephone service, 01865 270270, between 8pm-8am, providing advice and support.

Samaritans are a 24hr/365 day national service providing an anonymous ear. Freephone: 116 123.

Sexual health

C-Card Initiative

If you are under 25, you can receive free packs of condoms (latex or non-latex) and lube. You can sign up at the prescriptions desk in Boots, where you will be issued a card which can be presented at the prescriptions desk whenever you need a top-up.

Oxford GUM Clinic

Your nearest Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) clinic is Oxford Rectory Road, and it provides free, drop-in sexual health support. However, you can also book an appointment with a health adviser, nurse or doctor on 01865 231231. The GUM clinic provides contraceptive advice and treatment, including the emergency contraceptive (morning after) pill, as well as HIV care.

JCR Provided Support

The JCR Welfare Team and Women’s Officer provide free pads, tampons and condoms (latex or non-latex) for all students to use. You can find these supplies in the Welfare Locker in Pye Hall or any of the floral boxes in the women’s toilets around College. If you notice stock is running low, please let them know!