Our Societies

Students at HMC pursue a wide range of activities within and beyond college. Here are some of our favourites.



HMC is home to one of the few student-run college bars. With that you have the chance to bartend in exchange for credit that can be used at our bar. That’s like free drinks! For more information contact our bar manager.

College Choir

Do you enjoy singing? Come and join us Monday evenings to learn and prepare new songs and old. Our choir usually does a few performances a term around college (Christmas dinner, mid-term service, intercollegiate services). Everyone welcome, join us in the chapel at 5:40!

Film Society

Film Society, Film Soc for short, runs weekly on Sunday evenings in the Quiet Room at 8pm. Snacks and popcorn included and movie suggestions and recommendations encouraged!

Football (5-a-side)

Once a week we get 10 Harris Mancunians together to play some five-a-side at the University Club Astroturf (500m down the road). It’s great fun, so join if you’re up for it! Usually reserved via Facebook and there is a £2 fee per match. Also, in Trinity term there will be 5-a-side Cuppers.

Language Nights

As one of Oxford’s most international and culturally diverse colleges, Harris Manchester provides excellent opportunities to learn or brush up on second languages. Starting in 2016, college students gather on weekly ‘Language Nights’ speaking Italian over dinner on Mondays, German on Tuesdays, and French onThursdays.

Liberations Working Group

The Liberation Working Group is a group of JCR, MCR, and SCR members who meet at least once a term to discuss and address issues relating directly to liberation communities – BME, LGBTQIA+, Women’s, & Disability – both within college and in the University at large. Meetings of Liberation WorkingGroup are open to all members and staff of HMC.

Music Society

From jazz to funk to pop, Harris Mancunians meet up in our chapel every week to play some sweet tunes. if you play an instrument and you're interested in playing/singing with other HMCers, we welcome you to join our Music Society - all musical interests welcome! Check out the recording of a song we did last year. 

Refugee Language Program

Oxford is now home to a number of Syrian refugee families! We, as students and residents of Oxford, can offer these families both English tutoring and companionship. Moving to a new country is often an isolating experience, and you can help them learn the language and gain a sense of belonging.This program will involve a min. 2h a week commitment.


Quite a few Harris Mancunians row with Wadham. (And the women were head of the river in 2017!) In the first term there is a lot of focus on new rowers (novices) and term ends with the Christ Church Regatta – a intercollegiate regatta for novice boats only. It’s great fun so give it a try – even if you’ve never rowed before. The Wadham College Boat Club (WCBC) is great and they do a lot of social stuff too!

Wine Society

We meet three times a term to enjoy and appreciate internationally acclaimed wines from around the world. We commence Wednesday evenings before college ‘Guest Night’ formals.